date night: a walk, dinner, a movie, and, yes, some crying

no, ben didn't make me cry. the movie did. we moseyed around town last night on foot, ending up at the Bijou theatre to see the 9:55 showing of Pixar's new movie, "Up." [my parents: does this clip remind you of anyone you know?]

so i shed some tears during the animated feature film. i feel a little less foolish crying over the heartfelt sequence featuring the hero and the love of his life meeting, falling in love, getting married, growing old, etc, than the crying i did over Wall-E. (yes, i cried over a couple of robots and a cockroach. what can i say? i'm a sensitive gal.)

but first we hit the pavement and headed to Coolidge Park for some sushi at Sushi Nabe (best sushi in Chattanooga), only to discover they were closed for no apparent reason. so we walked another 10 steps and ended up at the Mud Pie for some "monkey-hips-and-rice" and a glass of wine. well, that's what i had anyway. ben had the much more manly "chicken kiev" and a beer. i had forgotten how much i love the monkey-hips. it's essentially a plate of deliciously seasoned rice & black beans, covered with smoked kielbasa sausage, melted jack cheese, salsa, green onions, sour cream and some addictive chemical that forced me eat the whole plate. the key to this dish: the kilebasa & cheese. those two things together make mama's palate happy. the smokiness of the sausage really is a delight.

we love this place. it's a funky, cool restaurant, the interior walls covered with these strange painted portraits. it has everything from booth seating to tall communal tables (built to give one the ability to overhear your neighbors conversation). wednesday is apparently "cuban day," so designated when the new cuban owners bought the restaurant a couple of years ago. (they offer a cuban special on wednesdays to make it legit.) there's also karaoke fridays, and open mic night on saturdays. the food is fun and quirky, and always delicious. example: thai pizza with chicken, pineapple, red bell pepper & peanut sauce. we almost ordered this since we're thai food fiends, but that smoked kielbasa i just couldn't pass up. they do have a regular section of the menu devoted to cuban food as well.

it also reminded ben & i that thursdays are 1/2 price wine , which we had completely forgotten about. it used to be a favorite of ours & our friends (all 1.2 of them). i think we might head back over there tonight for some vino.

oh, and i forgot to mention: Up was awesome! go see it!

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