i was giving ben a hard time for his lack of enthusiasm when it came time to pose with the rocky statue in downtown philadelphia. of course, i was probably a little OVER enthusiastic about the whole thing, so who can blame him? i had the theme song running through my head as we trekked our way through the city this last weekend. i think i did a little shadow-boxing as well, because, well, i am that big of a nerd (i blame my parents).

the reason we were in philly: a surprise birthday party for my college friend, bethy, the whole thing orchestrated by her very sweet husband, gideon (that's them in the picture below with the philadelphia skyline in the background). it was an awesome weekend. ben & i are both huge fans of the city of brotherly love now. i saw like 14 ben franklins roaming around the city. apparently the balding mullet is back in style!

a favorite find of ours this weekend: a restaurant called Tria down in Rittenhouse Square. i am still craving the truffled egg toast with fontina cheese and arugula. aMAZing! i'll include a picture for your salivary glands to drool over. mine keep reminiscing over the moment i cut into that egg yolk and it spilled down the sides of the thick slice of brioche toast. it was a beautiful thing.

we also happened to be there on the weekend of the annual art star craft bazaar down on penn's landing. it was awesome. tons of local and regional artists brought their wares to hock to the masses, all of them beautiful hand-made goodies. it was etsy.com on parade. i stole a few ideas for crafty things that you might receive as a present from me sometime in the future.

it was a great weekend. old friends, good company, good conversation & our new favorite city.


Niki said...

Glad you had a good time, and thanks for the Philly overview. My parents live south of the city now, so I need to go exploring a bit, too.

I love the way you write about food. Sometimes, I feel like I've eaten just from reading your descriptions.

Bubbis said...

YUM!that looked goooooood. and hey looks like the "Gun show was in town too....BOOM...BOOM...

Monica said...

glad you had a great time in Philly. i enjoyed your perspective on the city of brotherly love.