this picture makes my heart happy

i was unloading the veggies from my CSA box on monday, happy as a clam, and then realized there was someone singing in my kitchen, "it's a veggie fest! a veggie fest!" then i realized that someone was me. if it wasn't official before, it is certainly so now: i am a huge food geek. who sings along to their tomatoes without even knowing it? i just love these delicious, little guys!

a little veggie salad using plum & roma tomatoes, yellow & purple beans (the green beans were actually purple when they were still fresh; they lost their color when i blanched them), purple eyed peas, thinly sliced zephyr & yellow squash, shaved red onion, sherry vinaigrette, s/p & basil. delicious!!

i blanched the purple eyed peas & the beans. everything else was left fresh & then tossed together. i'm in food heaven for lunch today!

my little college graduate

it's official! benny is diploma'd. last sunday he donned the cap & gown and did the walk across the stage. it turns out that there were only 2 other graduates from the computer science department (whereas there were like 45 million business degree graduates), and he was the only cum laude ("with honors") graduate out of the 3. pretty cool, huh? i'm so proud of him!

congrats, my husband! (the picture is of ben with his brother, gabe, and dad, bill)