the expected "where was i a year ago?" post

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! (two days late)

after a month long hiatus from blogging, i'm back on again. of course, it being a new year, i start to think back, like i always do, over the past year. where was i last year this time? so much has changed, so many blessings, so many surprises.

story 1: after spending christmas with my brother i sent him off to join the military. he has since refound the love of his life, was married to her in august, and as of a week ago they are living in clarksville, tennessee, he being stationed with the 101st airborne at fort campbell, kentucky. that has been a wild yet wonderful ride for them.

story 2: my almost common law roommate, kiko, last year this time was also just getting to know the man who would then propose to her in april to be married this past august.

story 3: lisa riley... well, just copy story 2, but replace "kiko" with "lisa," "the man" with "trippy farmer," and "august" with "september."

story 4: charity and lang are officially empty nesters and finally became scooter owners (after years and years of talking about it)

story 5: andy, brent and morris became roommates (oh wait, they too are almost common law. silly me)

story 6: the galpins continue trucking along in st. louis. can you believe it's been a year and a half?

story 7: kristine zacharias became a home owner.

story 8: ben and anna are having babies!!

story 9: farron finally got a job that she loves.

story 10: chris totten moved COMPLETELY across the country to live and pursue music with his brothers.

story 11: isaac's music career is continuing to grow.

story 12: josiah roe and i officially became friends.

story 13: sean loftin and michelle higgins were engaged at the beginning of december (just snuck in there, didn't they?).

story 14: me? well, enough said. way too much this year, but so many wonderful outcomes. the Lord infintely has blessed ben and i in the healing and rejuvenation of our relationship. he has brought us both through so much and then back together again. it is a testimony to his faithfulness. in addition to that, my relationships have continued to blossom and grow with all my friends and family. it's been a good year.

for your viewing pleasure a very unique photo of ben and i from christmas day. we've never taken one like this before nor have i shown or posted a picture quite like this of me with anyone. simply put, this is a photo in an entirely new fashion.