brother and (new!) sister

my brother is getting married soon. and by soon, i mean in 2 weeks. and i'm so excited. i finally get to have a sister! and also so exciting is that i am going to be the best woman in his wedding. quite untraditional, but apparently we westcoasters "like to do things differently" (or so said a customer that i had last night at the restaurant).

michael and i have a very close, special sibling relationship. yes we fought like cat and dog when we were young. but what siblings don't? i mean really... we are only 21 months apart in age. we were raised doing and learning basically all the same things at the same time. this is probably why we fought so much and so hard. but even when we were young, he and i exhibited the type of relationship that has brought us so close at this point in our lives. michael was always the passionate dreamer and protector and i always knew what needed to be done. (so much so, i was nicknamed "bossy" at way too young of an age. please act surprised.)

it has been such a pleasure and blessing to see him moving on to this stage of life. his soon to be wife, emily, is such an answer to prayer for me as well. i wanted him to be with someone i could be friends with too. and he's found that.

congratulations michael and emily!