ben's run with the camera

i handed my camera to ben and here's the result. thought you might enjoy a peek into the squirrely little mind of my husband.

we're back from vacation, sadly, but so glad to have been able to even go on vacation. there's something about letting your brain & body rest for a few days that seems essential, at least every once in awhile. it has also significantly underlined that if we ever decide to have kids (or rather, if God decides for us), we will definitely be pawning them off on the grandparents to enjoy a few days just to ourselves every year. (mom/dad/ann/bill: you okay with that??)


a day in the sunshine

it was a beautiful day out on the lake. we went kayaking, drank some wine, laid around in the sunshine while drinking some more wine, ate delicious dinner and drank some more wine. then we headed into traverse city to a fun restaurant called trattoria stella & grabbed a couple more glasses of wine.

we're really looking forward to this weekend, attending what will hopefully be an awesome dinner as part of the epicurean classic, a culinary festival which traverse city hosts every year. good food & good wine are the subject matter for this palate focused weekend. we'll see how it turns out. it's its 5th year running & according the locals, it just gets better every year. like wine.

it's been amazing being up in michigan. it is so peaceful that it's just about impossible to do anything but relax & enjoy. and drink wine. did i mention we like wine? :)


we're off this saturday, headed back up to the weaver family cabin in michigan for a week of working really hard at not moving too much. it should be character building for the both of us.

yeah for vacation!

this is a picture from our trip last year on one of our more strenuous days when we were forced to float around on the lake in a canoe. :) man, that ben weaver is a hottie!