i'm famous!

sort of.

i waited on some food bloggers about a month or so ago, and they recently made a post about their dinner. my name is mentioned only once :( but at least it's mentioned!

the mile high eater is the name of the blog. you should check it out. they live in denver and seem to post mostly about restaurants around there. but they have also eaten all over and have some interesting takes on restaurants that i've only ever dreamed about eating at. maybe someday *sigh*


Jonathan and Barb said...


Hope you dont mind the comment but saw several people linking from your blog over to ours at milehigheater and thought I would take a look. Yes we only mentioned you once but if you look at other reviews we only mention a server when they stand out and you did! Hope all is well down your way.

Jonathan and Barb

Kiko and/or Vincent said...

I LOVE tartar! I give it 'best of type' rating! But then again, I'm that girl who orders french fries at a fine dining restaurant.

Monica said...

Hey Bethany. I enjoy food but not in the way you do... but I must say I read the whole review they did on St. John's. Wow. Maybe I'll dine there sometime. :-) Hope you're well.