pre-thanksgiving thanksgiving

my brother in law (the crazy man with the turkey) and his friends cooked an awesome pre-thanksgiving dinner- in the style of thanksgiving dinner- last night for us and about 10 other people. it was totally nostalgic for me, reminding me of the days when i had no family in chattanooga and would therefore spend my "orphan" holidays with friends. although the "chattanooga holidays sans family" are no longer a reality, there is still something quite appealing to me about reliving those days.

ben was quite fetching in his manly apron, and helped gabe make the cranberry sauce. i undertook the very important job of offering my verbal support to the cooks while sipping some very "special" mulled cider. even cooks need a cheerleader.

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Zorrometer said...

Yaaay Turkey! Miss you guys immensely! See you in a few days!