royal tennenbaums

this photo is our "family photo" from INHABIT. and to clarify, we are being purposefully serious. my friend, jess willison, in the bottom left corner with the insanely pissed off look is actually one of the sweetest people i've ever met. and check out benny's proud face! the girl holding my hand is lauren, one of my best friends here in chattanooga.

the party was a huge success, by the way. the reindeer were a no-show, but everything else was beautiful. kudos to coptix & isaac wardell for putting on the most amazing christmas party i've ever been too! our friends, heypenny, a band from nashville, headlined which was one of the highlights for us as well. you can check out their music here..

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...me said...

and..."margot tenenbaum was adopted at the age of two - her father had always noted this when introducing her."

(very amusing group portrait, nino...who staged it?)