i went back out to montauk this afternoon (this time, sadly, without ben weaver) in time to watch the fishing boats come in. to my surprise it was just about dark already.

just to give you an idea of how very east i am, this picture was shot at 4:30 this afternoon. by 5:00 it was close to pitch dark. it really gave a piercing sense of finality to the day.

i think it was lang who quoted chris mccartney to me once as saying, "darkness, in contrast to lightness, is in a sense a more true reflection of who God is because there are many variations of light. but darkness in itself is complete." there is a whole conversation in there somewhere. regardless, i do find myself in some ways overcome with reflection when i am in the dark. nothing else to see, nothing to be distracted by, just me and the Lord.


Ruth said...

beautiful picture, beautiful quote. you are wonderful!

i love you girl and miss you. tomorrow i drive out to kansas in the morning, maybe we can talk some.

ruth hope

Anonymous said...

How happy we are for you two. God is so very good. May He ever lead you both to fulfill His perfect Will for your lives together.

Keith had a double by-pass about 2 weeks ago. He is doing much better each day.

Lots of love to you both,

Grandpa & Grandma Franks