the woman behind the man

and we all thought it was LANG who was the computer genius. little did we know he gets all his chops from his lovely wife charity...


the story really goes like this: i had a lovely week last week, first seeing friends in chattanooga and then visiting with ben weaver's family in kentucky on thanksgiving day. it was a typical thanksgiving. lots of food, family, dogs and mayhem running around. ben's family was incredibly welcoming and very easy to get to know. it was a fast week, and ended with me back in the northeast on friday, sad but true.

the martin's, who were in nyc for thanksgiving themselves, then graced me with their presence on sunday. we had dinner at vine street that night, lots of good food and conversation, and then woke up the next day to patter around in our pj's until i dropped them off at the hampton jitney stop where they caught a bus back up to the city to fly back to chattanooga.

i was giggling when i took this picture: two martin's in my house, each with a white mac in their laps, sitting in my giant overstuffed chairs. how perfect.

it was so great, though, that they came down to see me. i just love them both so much. i miss everyone in chattanooga a lot, actually. thanks so much to everyone who came to dinner at char and lang's last tuesday. i really meant a lot to see you all, even if just for a brief moment.


Kiko and/or Vincent said...

Man, I'm so jelous of the Martins!! It was so good to see you!

I love you tons.

Ruth said...

Man, I am jealous of those who live in Chattanooga and are able to fly to NYC. I miss you friend! I hope you are doing well. Let me know when you are in chatt town again, maybe i can drive down and see you!!!
i love you tons.

jen said...

yo Bethany! so glad to hear that you had such a fun and cozy thanksgivin... i too am soo jealous of the martins and their trip to the big ol apple! I love NYC this time of year.

I read up on your past few posts and it sounds like this is a beautiful season in your life... so happy for you! I can't wait to hear more of your adventures in the big city! :)