birthday's are never overrated

i had a fantastic birthday weekend. ben weaver came to see me and we got to do all kinds of fun things. walks on the beach (yes, there are beaches here, lots of them in fact), a delicious 8-course dinner, lots of quality conversation. it all added up to a lovely time. i got to talk to all my best friends as well. (kari wanted to make sure everyone knew SHE was the first one to call me on friday.)

i took the beach picture on our beach "hike," and the other is from our dinner at della famina friday night. i'll be in chattanooga next week for a couple of days before thanksgiving. anyone up for group dinner tuesday night? some good ol' bethany cooking?


Ruth Galpin said...

you are lovely and beautiful. happy belated birthday! it sounds like you had a great time with your man! an course dinner sounds phenom.
would love to catch up soon on the phone.
i love you friend and miss you!
Ruth Hope

Yukiko said...

I totally agree: "Birthday's are never overrated!!!!!" :) love ya!

Anonymous said...

ah yes...but did kari post a birthday blog in your honor? hummmmmm??? ...love you... mom -