this picture makes my heart happy

i was unloading the veggies from my CSA box on monday, happy as a clam, and then realized there was someone singing in my kitchen, "it's a veggie fest! a veggie fest!" then i realized that someone was me. if it wasn't official before, it is certainly so now: i am a huge food geek. who sings along to their tomatoes without even knowing it? i just love these delicious, little guys!

a little veggie salad using plum & roma tomatoes, yellow & purple beans (the green beans were actually purple when they were still fresh; they lost their color when i blanched them), purple eyed peas, thinly sliced zephyr & yellow squash, shaved red onion, sherry vinaigrette, s/p & basil. delicious!!

i blanched the purple eyed peas & the beans. everything else was left fresh & then tossed together. i'm in food heaven for lunch today!


...me said...

let me tell you...those wrapped figs you made over the weekend...wahooo!

Niki said...

I have salad envy. That looks amazing!

digitdody said...

Congratulations, Ben.
Bethany, your Dad said you were a world renown gourmet cook! Proud of both of you. Someday, a gourmet dinner for us?????
Ben, would love to meet Gabe and Dad Bill and rest of your family.
Love you.
Your Gramps and Grams