oh happy day!

i looked out my window today & saw some bluebirds happily munching away on something in the trees. and then it hit me: the figs! the figs are here! i feel a little like a cheshire cat right now, quite pleased with myself & basking in the glory of the fresh fig. and, well, how convenient! i was about to make lunch! it was destiny. so here we go, some mixed greens, some quartered figs, a little salt, olive oil, balsamic vinegar & fresh basil. it doesn't get better than that. (well, unless the figs were wrapped in some thick bacon and popped into a hot pan for a few minutes. now that is also a thing of beauty. hmmm, maybe for dinner..)


ben said...

i freaking love figs. thanks for the inspiration. anna will love my new dinner.

...me said...

...so if one was facing your apartment on which side is the fig tree growing?

(your lunch/dinner/supper looks freaking delicious! - my word verification to post this comment: "eatio" ...what irony)

bethany weaver said...

hi ben!

mom- as soon as the trees are fully producing, i'll make sure to bring you some. you DEFINITELY need to plant a tree on your property!