i felt i had to make another post, since the last one implied that my husband, ben weaver, is all about torturing me on my birthday. he may be a little bit about that. but he is also the sweetest and most thoughtful man alive. this picture i ripped from kiko's flickr account, since i was so busy having fun at my birthday dinner, i didn't bother to take any pictures of my own. we joined our friends on saturday night to celebrate. it was such a fun & an amazingly delicious dinner at easy bistro.

then monday, we went to my very favorite restaurant, which also happens to my place of employ, for what has become my top five dinners of all time at st. john's and with my wonderful husband. and, last but not least, i got an iPhone for my birthday!!! it is my very favorite new toy! i don't really know how to work it yet, but i have downloaded some REALLY fun games, which i plan on wasting much time playing. i have been dropping 'hints' for months to ben that i wanted one. [by hints i mean, "um, you know what you should get me for my birthday? an iPhone." or, "hey, an iPhone for my birthday would be nice." and, "if i got an iPhone for my birthday, i would be sooooo happy."]


...me said...

oh you crazy kids!

(so...if kiko is your sister does that make her my acquired daughter? incidentally, i'm good with that - i've already decided to add charity to my list of assumed offspring which means that between you, emily, charity, and kiko we've almost got the infield completed! perhaps next year we'll win that gold, spray-painted kickball! beware coptix...)

Zorrometer said...

You are all silly people, I think i am going to stay in Iraq....... just kidding