birthday torture

so i am currently at home staring at this in front of me. my husband is not here, so i cannot open these presents yet. it is incredibly maddening.
no really, maddening..


Zorrometer said...

WOW you've never looked better! And I LOVE the fact that your maniacal husband is torturing you with your gift! It makes me happy inside!!!

ebers79 said...

my brain may hurt after ready your mom's blog and all those silly comments about acronyms... but i think your face hurts more than my brain... so you win.

you will now be tortured with knowing that you have your mom's present and our present waiting for you... and you will have to wait DAYS before you get either... bwahahahaha

Zorrometer said...

I love my wife!

...me said...

what a memorable birthday, right nino?

(and that picture is twisted!)