the boy is home!

IMG_0149, originally uploaded by thebany.

we got up at 5am this morning to head to fort campbell for michael's welcome home. it was wonderful. they actually let us out onto the tarmac to watch the soldiers deplane. we waved flags while caden chewed on them. it was followed by a brief ceremony before the soldiers were released.

i definitely cried a lot, but was soooo happy. i am so thankful to have been able to be there, especially to watch emily & he reunite.

the photo is of michael and caden. if you click on it it'll take you to the rest of the photos in my flickr account.


Bubbis said...

Thank you for posting so quickly, these awesome photos of the home coming. An anxious westcoast is greatful. "Welcome home Michael!"

bethany weaver said...

my pleasure. I had an anxious mom waiting to see pics so I had some incentive :)

We hung out with Michael and Emily until about 6 when an extremely exhausted Michael literally stumbled off to bed. It was an awesome day!

And Caden is even more of a little heartbreaker. He has these awesome big goofy grins and loves to gnaw on everything. It's so great to see the family back together. Michael got several big Michael laughs in while watching his son do all kinds of hilarious baby antics, mostly involving lots of compulsive squealing, chewing on random objects, and fascination with anything he's not allowed to have.

ebers79 said...

yup, that sounds about right :)
It was great having you guys here for the "hug ex"!

...me said...

i can picture it all...and soon i'll be able to TAKE pictures of it all! (and it is all good!)
speaking of fotos...absolutely wonderful shot, nino - i've already swiped it and plan on getting it printed, matted & framed and hung in the condo "gallery"