i was starting to wonder if we'd ever actually get snow up here. i mean, when i think of an island, i think palm trees, white sand beaches, mangos, coconuts (kiko, you with me?) so, it got cold, but that's been about it until now.

we got our first snow fall. i'm experiencing it with a mixture of feelings. it's beautiful and adds visual texture to the already cold environment. that's great. but for a girl from california, i've finally realized the need for snow shoes. my feet have been perpetually cold and wet for the past week. (i'm such a baby...)

i've never lived in a place that truly represented the 4 seasons. california is almost seasonless, and chattanooga gets A snowfall maybe every 4 years. how fun to finally see a white winter AND to enjoy it with dreamy weaver.

'footprints' are from right outside our front door. 'flowers' are the hydrangeas from the back patio that were so beautiful and lavender in colour when i originally moved to shelter island. i guess they don't do so well in the icy conditions. ah, they'll be back...


Kiko and/or Vincent said...

"Dreamy Weaver," great pseudonym! I hadn't thought of that one.

As for the snow, send some down this way.

Congrats, by the (overdue)way, on your newlywed status.

Oh, and hold that snow till Kiko and I get up there to visit.


Kiko and/or Vincent said...

Bethany, you know me better than my husband. :) Don't send the snow down...I do better in warmer weathers.

As for the islands with palm trees: now that I'm getting my green card, I can finally go to one.