for some reason, i can't seem to upload a larger image here. but this is a shot from the bweavers wedding ceremony. thanks to em franks for taking some pictures. we're hoping to have some more images to put up on flickr as soon as we collect the lot of them from my mom and brian durham.


Niki said...

I like this shot of the three of you in silent conversation. Love and blessings to you and Ben.

Cara said...


RUTH said...

b-weaver, b-weaver you guys look awesome and beautiful. love you both. b-franks weaver i will trying to call you either today or tomorrow, so much to catch up on, i love you friend!!!

Paul and Capria said...

Paul and I are visiting New York in 3 weeks and would love to see you and Ben can you email me?

Oh, and Congrats on getting hitched! - Capria Jaussen

abby simpson said...

Congradulations to the two of you!
I hope that you are enjoying the cottage built for 2 now.
Can't wait to see you next time you come down south.

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