garden of eden

one of the perks of living on long island is the plethura of local fruits, vegetables, eggs, bread, CHEESE, WINE, that can be found when driving down any road. my road of choice right now is highway 25. this takes me down the north fork. on highway 25 you can find farm stand after farm stand to pick and choose from when shopping for local goodies. today i chose this special stand. it's also open the latest, a whopping 7pm, every evening.

did i mention wine? yes, long island is also home to many vineyards. apparently the climate here is conducive to certain types of grapes, especially the gewurztraminer, riesling and pinot noir varietals. i have already found a favorite as well. it happens to be the first wine i savored in my new dwelling place, the lenz vineyard gewurztraminer, ben's choice. that boy has immaculate taste...


Ben said...

Aww, shucks, you're making me blush. Gewurtz has always been a favorite of mine... I'm you liked it!

I miss you.

Ruth said...

ben and bethany, true love

hey b-franks, love the fruit adn vegetable stands -- jealous of the easy access and amount of choice.

miss you too