fashion sense

i was just skimming through the internet and happened upon the fashion section of the japan times. these are pictures from a recent fashion show. any thoughts?

"Eri Utsugi debuted her mercibeaucoup brand at Japan Fashion Week this March with a catwalk show involving animal-shaped afro wigs and a shower of confetti swept along the runway by models. YOSHIAKI MIURA PHOTOS"


Ruth said...

For someone who aspires to one day be in fashion, those ridiculous looking outfits make me change my mind. they look really funnny!!

but who knows, in 3 or 4 years Target may be selling something close to that and I will love it.

hey, do you have any cool fashion finds in the northern part of the country that you want to tell me about???

brae said...

these pictures make me even more excited about fashion than i am, which is a bit overwhelming.
i love aSia!

of all things, i think fashion should be daring and ridiculous and fun. that is eXactly what asia makes it. rock on china, japan, korea, and etc.

Ben said...