the umbrella

i took these two alexander kiddos to the park today. we played "narnia" (watchman insisted we talk with british accents. he's 4, people! this kid is hilarious!); we went down the slides; we monopolized the swing set. the highlight of the day? it was the red umbrella of course! it's so funny, the things that adults don't think about as being cool. and then a child looks at it and "it's a sword! no, it's a parachute!" genius. so we had fun charging the bushes with the red umbrella, followed by "jumping" out of a plane. (and then in my most reponsible manner, i emphasized the fact that we could only pretend jump, that to really jump we'd need an umbrella the size of a house and, of course, adult superivision. just call me bethany "debbie-downer" weaver.)

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...me said...

debbie-downer? or is it really...nanny nino???

(sounds like it was a great day!)