"upguppy" or "i spent the first 3 months of my marriage watching my husband create this pretty cool website which you should check out"

here it is, the website that ben's been working on for what seems like forever. mind you, this is just the alpha draft. they are not quite ready to move forward into the beta. i think that it still turned out pretty cool.

it's a top-10 ranking site allowing anyone to rank anything and everything they can think of, from their top-10 movies, to top-10 hotels they've stayed at, or even more serious topics like top-10 pressing issues of our time. if you check it out, please note that it is still in testing phase (evidenced by one of the first rankings you see "coolest coptix employees").


blogging hiadus

the blog has taken the back seat for the past little while. transition has been relatively smooth, but i have yet to set back up in front of my computer. i'm tentatively rethinking the purpose of this little guy, mostly because it originally was intended for updates on life after i moved up north. moving back south has thrown me for a bit of a loop. so a new title and a new purpose might be in the works.

oh, and my digital camera needs to be retired, so pictures might be a while in coming.