ben and i are headed up to michigan tomorrow for 2 weeks (!) at his family's cabin on glen lake. i am so very excited about it. we, well, ben hit the ground running the minute we got back to chattanooga mid-may. this is a much deserved rest for him.

the first week will just be us, a kind of second honeymoon (yippee!), and the second week his parents and grandmother will be joining us. this is quite a special place to the weaver family. his grandparents bought the property and cabin when dad (weaver) was a kid. ben spent the better part of many summers up there with his family. i am so looking forward to finally seeing the place that he told me about when we very first started dating.

i might post while we're up there, but we'll see. if not, it's probably because i'm relaxing by the lake :)

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