petoskey stones

we went hiking out to lake michigan through the sleeping bear dunes on sunday. the dunes are absolutely enormous. it was about an hour hike, much to our surprise. the length of the hike is not due so much to the distance from where we parked to the lake as much as the enormity of the hills we had to climb, all soft sand mind you, in order to get there. it was worth it.

ben is looking for petoskey stones in this picture. they are some sort of fossilized stones, ancient coral or some such thing, that can be found in just about all of the lakes up here. they are also the official "state rock."

i ripped this picture from wikipedia. due to their popularity, petoskey stones are much harder to find now.


Ruth said...

i hope you are enjoying your vacation. love you friend.


austina said...


Luci Shaw (friend of Madeline L'engle) wrote a book of poetry called Polishing the Petoskey Stone. You might enjoy reading some of it. Reading your post made me think of it. Here's a link to it on google books http://books.google.com/books?id=BCbwrhk4OKMC&dq=petoskey+stones+luci+shaw&printsec=frontcover&source=web&ots=eqj5KpvCuu&sig=0dtEoHlbb5C7ga7c0YdwQlhWtGU#PPP1,M1

Josiah said...

Why did you leave Ben's butt out of the pictures! argh

Anonymous said...

yeah! I agree with josiah!