"upguppy" or "i spent the first 3 months of my marriage watching my husband create this pretty cool website which you should check out"

here it is, the website that ben's been working on for what seems like forever. mind you, this is just the alpha draft. they are not quite ready to move forward into the beta. i think that it still turned out pretty cool.

it's a top-10 ranking site allowing anyone to rank anything and everything they can think of, from their top-10 movies, to top-10 hotels they've stayed at, or even more serious topics like top-10 pressing issues of our time. if you check it out, please note that it is still in testing phase (evidenced by one of the first rankings you see "coolest coptix employees").


Ben said...

You ranked me number one. That's so sweet!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the posting my dear. i know i may be the only non chattanoogan blog fan but i hope you keep it up.

Anonymous said...

HI Bethany! This is Misty Gadberry. I worked with you and Ben at St.John's more than two years ago. Chad and I are moving back to Chattanooga in a few weeks. I found your blog by looking up Daniels's plans for a new place. I read what you wrote abour being closer to a community of people who love you, which is exactly why we are moving back. Oregon will remain one of the most beautiful places I have laid eyes upon. It was heart-warming to see that you and Ben married. I hope to see you both very soon! How strange??? Warm regards, Misty

Arun said...

Hey Bethany. This is Arun, one of the UpGuppy guys. Just found this post and wanted to let you know that we recently launched a beta facebook application (read: forgive the bugs), which we'd be delighted if you tried. It's based on a ton of code that ben did.

The link to the app is: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=8001709292