white men can dance

i've watched this so many times, because, well, it is really, really funny. and in light of all the recent "rove-scapades" from ron and josiah q., i thought i would post it. enjoy.


Kiko and/or Vincent said...

funny funny

Ruth Galpin said...

you need to post your new dwelling place (chatt town) and talk about what you are up to know. i need an update becuase i still check your blog most days!
love you girl and hope to see you soon.

Tom Galpin said...

dream weaver,

where is ol' andy bond going? seminary? if so where? and also if so, wish him luck/best wishes from me.


bethany said...

andy bond is moving to philly to go to westminster. i think he's also going to be selling wine for a big importer up there as well. hmmm, perfect combination. wine and theology.