catch up

my weekend was a good one. it started off with a last minute visit from ben weaver and ended with some good ol' subway hopping', crowd surfing fun with my mother. do you see my face? yes, that's happiness.

my mother got to see where i live and dine at my restaurant. we also went to a very special place i like to call the "lavender house" for hot soup and hot chocolate. it is a restaurant in a house the color of lavender that also grows and sells lavender plants and products.

we went into new york city tuesday and randomnly ran into anna thomas walking down the street. apparently even in the biggest city in the united states you can run into people. on our way to meet up with ben thomas we got stuck in the annual 6th avenue halloween parade. i felt kind of bad, mom getting suffocated by 2 million new yorkers plus not being in costume and all. but mom survived the crowds. what a good sport she is. and yesterday was her birthday, so happy birthday, momma!


Ruth said...

it is great to see your smiling face. you and ben are such a good looking couple. that restaurant looks awesome. i am so glad you got some time with your momma.

you are great B-Franks!

Anonymous said...

actually, i was in costume...i was the amazing, invisible woman - which is why people kept stepping on me in the subway...
(...or maybe they kept stepping on me because after all there were 2 million of us shuffling like squashed penguins for the subway exit...by the way, thank you for not letting go of my arm - it made all the difference)
...i love you nino... mom -