signs and more

i seem to have discovered an interest in signs. i just can't seem to get enough of them. so here's one more i saw today. i actually ate my lunch here as well. the sign peaked my interest making wonder the various ways they might serve soda for a midday meal. disappointed, i discovered it actually was a normal restaurant. nobody who worked there seemed to know why the restaurant had that name. but i did have some pretty delicious fish and chips...

in more new, has anyone else come across the ONE campaign? i was introduced to it by my now former roommate, cara cote, before i left chattanooga and have since gotten regular e-mails from them. it's fairly interesting, an "end poverty/hiv/aids" endeavor which has a very recognizable face at its head: bono. anyway, i got this e-mail from them today about having "house parties" this month in support of the ONE campaign. i was a little confused by it, imagining peeps packed in a house, drinking too much and dancing on tables. so i got on the ONE website to actually learn something about their organization. it seems to be more of a celebrity commercial than anything else. the "notable signatories" part of the website is filled with pictures of brad pitt, george clooney, fergie, penelope cruz... you get the picture, and very sleek black-&-white pictures of all of them there are. is this another place to post actor headshots or is it a useful organization? i don't have the answer.

mostly i read about the campaign trying to convince the american government to contribute ONE% of their budget (i think i read it correctly) in order to put an end to poverty/hiv/aids in our lifetime. i am sort of back and forth on this issue. why is it that we are asked to go to other countries to provide relief work because it's the "american duty, being a decadently wealthy nation and all," yet when there's a known genocidal maniac ruling a country, how dare we "tell other countries how to run themselves," by removing said maniac from power? i'm not underscoring our responsibility in the poverty issue. it's one that is near and dear to my heart. i think it's that feeling of bored celebrities deciding which issues are "cool" to tackle, and then throwing stones at the american government that kind of bothers me.

it's another one of those frequent jerry maguire moments.
- american government: "this is me out here for you!... help me help you,... HELP... ME... HELP... YOU!"

(really i'm just jealous of those sweet b&w headshots. how can i get me one of those?)

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