i am a big fan of the "dinner party." there is something quite unique in my mind about sharing conversation over food and wine. at least two of those (three according to science daily) are an essential part of life. everyone needs to eat and everyone needs to relate to others, i.e. have relationships conducted over the wavelength of communication, direct conversation being the most common form of this. put those elements together and you have the perfect evening.

from start to finish:

1. form a plan
PLAN: invite friends over to eat and drink (it's really as simple as that, though asking said friends to come bearing gifts is also recommended)
2. buy food
3. cook food
4. eat food with friends
5. drink wine with friends
6. talk
7. look at huge mess that must be cleaned up
8. avoid mess (but breathe a sigh of relief when kiko offers to clean)
9. talk some more
10. drink some more

that all being said, i participated in my first dinner party on shelter island. it was all those things listed above minus one. i reminisced about my chattanooga crew and all the awesome dinners we shared. but it was a great time getting to know people a little better here.

an mp3 from mudhut, a funky mix called dark lady.


Anonymous said...

...right on...!

...(going to my first potluck in the bake in a couple of weeks...looking forward to it - and i can hardly wait to see what they think of my marinated mango & blueberry salad)
...i love you, nino...
... mom -

Yukiko said...

Man Bethany! Not having you around to organize your ellaborate dinners...makes me so sad and makes me miss you tons.

Ruth Galpin said...

i do miss you meals, you are a great meal planner and an awesome chef.

I miss you friend and i love you

Cara said...

This post makes me miss you and all your fancy-schmancy cooking. I was wondering where I can get Prosecco around here....