psalms and over the rhine

i was searching for an mp3 link yesterday (by the way, if you find one for mirah's nobody has to stay, let me know. i found a link on funtimeok.com but they left threatening messages about "hotlinking" their mp3's. apparently "that's not cool" in computer land??), and came across over the rhine's flown free. they were requested last year to write a song about psalms 124 and 129 based on the new translation of the book of psalms by eugene petersen (found in the message) and this was the result. very simple, yet very new city fellowship.

psalm 124:8
our help is in the name of the LORD who made heaven and earth...


Ben said...

Hi B --

I just linked to you from my brand new, shiny de.licio.us account (http://del.icio.us/ben.weaver).


galpin said...

kick'n it,

i don't think we have your address. and, in regards to the over the rhine link, i'm trying to put together a new cd of sweet songs. thus, if your address is available, i can send it.

-tom (and ruth by proximity, marriage and ontology)

Josiah said...

hey, thanks for the link to Coptix. U rule!

pl... said...

hey beens neens...i did it! check out plfsblog...your meme'

Young Professor said...


You rock.

Thanks for the b-day wishes. I love you.

PS. Is it me or when I close my eyes I still can feel you hugging me the last time you were here?