home sweet home...

i'm officially living by myself for the first time ever. i have mixed feelings about this. first, since most of y'all know how annoying it is to move, i've made record time in getting unpacked and things placed where i want them to go. some might call this "setting up house." ben being here really helped with this, of course. he moved all my heavy stuff, helped me clean, helped me put shelves up, helped me stay on task, etc. he's awesome and i love him more than i can possibly desribe on this blog. but still, when you live with others it takes FOREVER to get things situated because everybody has an opinion about where things should go, how they should function, who gets what shelf in the bathroom, in addition to who gets what bedroom and has to take out the trash first.

however, i've had approximately a total of 30 different roommates over the past 8 years. while this may seem like a lot, it's pretty much on par with everyone else i know. and come to think of it, i've pretty much been roommates or housemates with everyone i know. weird... anyway, this has conditioned me to actually enjoy sharing space with others. there are of course all the usual little annoyances i've never gotten over. "they never clean..." "their junk is all over the living room..." "i'm the only one who buys toilet paper..." "if they can just wipe down the counters after they cook..." "who took my sweater?..." or better yet, "hey, isn't that my sweater you're wearing?..." and the list goes on until eternity. but these things are so small in comparison to sharing space and life with others. i love sharing life. and front porches ("kiko, you are stoops..."). and food. and wine. so living alone really isn't something i'm looking for in this world. i know that we are meant to be in communion with others. people weren't meant to be alone. we're told that from the very beginning of the world.

that all being said, here is a picture of the living room in my new house, my fortress of solitude. if i was to live anywhere by myself, this definitely is the place to do it. (unfortunately, although his image is captured in the background of this picture, ben does not come with the house.)


Anonymous said...

I miss you and I miss our porch...do you have a porch? If you do, I wanna see pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

'anonymous' is my new name...kiko

jen said...

Bethany... I just found your bloggie via mista montgomery. I read a bit back to catch up...Wow, such big changes for you!! I'm excited for you and all the new adventures you will be having in the great big apple!

cute abode you've created, by the way.
smiles to you, jen kring

throw me some words whenever you like...

Ruth said...

hey b-franks,

Man is not meant to live alone. lving with others is good. I bet one of the annoyances from living with me is my tendancy to leave all the cabinets i've been in open after I leave. I still find myself doing this in our house.

sorry i missed your call yesterday. would love to know your work schedule and when you like ot take calls, so I can call.

tommy and i are still seriously interested in coming to nyc this summer and giving your some roommates for the summer, wow long comment.

love you, miss you, love you
Ruth Hope