my father's glory, my mother's castle

so, i thought i would take some "artsy" photos of my current and very temporary residence. but then i realized: how do you candy coat a hell-hole? and yes i do mean "h-e-double-hockey-stick" hole. my front porch being the entrance to this castle, well, it speaks for itself. so to explain: picture #1 = front porch; picture #2 = my boudoir (notice the two fans in the upper left hand corner of the picture... when turned on to full blast they provide a sound barrier between me and the party kids coming in at 4am); picture #3 is the lovely kitchen (the girl being melanie, my rockin' cool roommate... i'm not being sarcastic either: she IS rockin' cool and makes fantastic desserts at vine street cafe, hereafter being referred to as vsc).

this is my residence, my abode, my kingdom. (and i thought andy's house was bad... jk, d)

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chris said...

You think that's bad, remember the Totten house on Kington Lane? Oh wait, you never visited. Trash in the driveway. This is how I start another day in my kingdom.